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Mini Trap Voice kontroll enhet
- Multi-språg display
- 31 ulike skytedisipliner
- Programmerbare disipliner
- Innbygget kortleser for betaling
- 8 separate innganger for mikrofoner
Performance of EP095M control unit:
31 different disciplines:

- Olympic Trap - Universal Trap - Double Trap (6 skjemaer for 40 eller 50 duer)
- American Trap - Trening for Olympic Trap (3 skjemaer kun DX, CE, SX shots)
- Skeet 2005 - Compak Sporting (nye regler 2006 med 40 ulike sekvenser)
- Triple Trap - Down The Line - Skeet timer for trening
- Shoot-Off for Trap - DTrap - Skeet
- Test skyting for trap testing and settings (for Trap og Skeet)
- Hunting Germany Trap
- Custom Sporting (5 skjemaer for programmering av arrangør)
- Custom Skeet (3 skjemaerchemes programmering av arrangør)
The EP095M Control Unit allows the following:
- no set schemes for trench disciplines but always totally random shooting sequences, according
to international rules
- shooting sequences can be halted any time, either by the main control unit or by the referee

control panel in order to repeat or skip one or more shots, or vary shooters' number
- high insensitivity to interferences, shots, gun handling noises or microphone knockings
- if required, automatic no-bird activation by gunshots· typical delay between shooter's call and

trap release: 20 milliseconds
- 8 separate inputs for microphones, to give a perfect same sensitivity level
- max. number of traps controlled for trench disciplines (trap and/or sporting): 15
- for the five Custom Sporting courses it's possible to set first target with delay between 0 / 3

sec. and second shot with a delay (respect first target) between 0 / 3 sec or after first shot
- able to drive stand's lamps (5 for Trap - 8 for Skeet plus lamps for Pull and Mark)
- external referee box with three push-buttons: first zero - second zero - nobird
- internal chip card reader/writer for operating in "coin box mode"
- an external mechanical coin box available
- total target counter
- pause between two consecutive shots: adjustable between 1 and 5 seconds
- data transfer: by RS485 serial interface
- automatically records and stores data to be able to restore operation in case of power failure
- internal power supply in accordance with UL 1950, IEC 959, EN60590 and VDE 0805
- complete installation and operation handbook

Technical characterstics:
- Power supply: 110VAC¸ 240VAC
- Frequency supply: 47Hz. / 63Hz.
- Maximum power consumption: 40 Watt
- Output voltage/current for trap machines: 12V DC - 2 Amp
- Operating Temperature Range: -10° C / +45° C
- Protections: 2 Amp fuse on main input, automatic protection on +12v DC output
- Dimensions main console: 290 x 275 x 120 mm.
- Dimension of referee box: 195 x 100 x 40 mm.
- Total weight: 3.5 Kg. circa
- Serial output: isolated RS485
Microphone Technical
It is usually situated in front of every
shooting stand. It is a robust support
with a pleasant aspect and very
practical because it is possible to split
it in two ways with a small volume.
This product feature allows cost
saving for shipment and facilitate the
installation on the shooting range.
The tripod can be supplied with the
following options:

# Option – C: waterproof plug and
corresponding waterproof socket
which has to be fixed at 20 cm above
ground level on a turret, supplied with
the tripod. So that the tripod itself can
be removed and plugged in a
different socket positioned for another
discipline [as required for Skeet, for
instance, or for Olympic Trench] or
properly stored when not in use.

# Option – L: waterproof
lamp-holder with a 3W lamp, that
signals which stand is the active
stand, that is the stand where the call
from the shooter shooting next is
expected. It favour athlete’s
concentration in case of no-bird. This
lamp is driven directly from the
EP095S control unit, and the cable
interface box EP096I1-S.

# Option – P: push-button for
No-Bird. This product feature simplify
the target repetition, mainly when it is
in use the coin box, that is the
shooting range is used without
personnel. It is necessary for the
Skeet discipline because the shooting
stands are far from the place where
normally is installed the control unit.

# Option – V: adjustable height from
80 cm. to 120 cm. to adapt the tripod
to different habits of shooter. This
option it’s important in shooting
ranges where normally there is a
strong wind that can trouble the
correct reception of call of shooter
from the microphone. In this case it’s
possible to adjust the distance from
the shooter to the microphone for a
perfect operation of the range.